Agriturismo Immerso nel verde in un parco privato di quattro ettari.



  Farm House Cà Roer


The house is divided into three big apartments with a northern view onto the pre-alps and with a southern view onto the park that

surrounds the house. Each apartment has its own entrance, independent from the others, and is equipped with all the comforts

that you might need for a pleasent holiday. In front of the house there is a big communal porch where guests can sit, eat and relax.

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The house is surrounded by a 5 hectare park stocked with local trees such as oak, elm, cherry and hazel. The house is located in the

park and guests are free to enjoy the space as much as they like. In the front part of the house there is a big porch furnished with

comfortable armchairs, tables and outdoor chairs. On the side of the house there is an built-in stone barbeque and guests are

welcome to use it as much as they like.


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Ca’Roer 1                                                Ca’Roer 2                                                 Ca’Roer 3



(In force since 1 January 2013)

The farm “Cà Roer” is managed by Mr. Emilio Antonelli who will be happy to welcome you at your facility, and wish you a pleasant stay. Below is the Disciplinary procedure in order to make transparent the management of assets and the rules and regulations in order to ensure mutual respect.

Reservation and Payment

Reservation of accommodation, at “Ca Roer,” can be made by telephone to one of our addresses, +39 338 6026781 or at +39 049/658786, or by writing an email accompanied by the request data and a telephone number which you can be contacted at the email address: emilio.antonelli @

To confirm the reservation, the customer must pay 20% of the total amount of the rental as a deposit by bank transfer. The balance, however, must be made on arrival or departure.

Additional Expenses

It will pay, in addition to the established, any charges for additional services enjoyed as specified below:

– Cleaning Fee for end of stay € 50.00 or € 60.00

Arrival of the client

The arrival of the guest, housing, should not be subject to confirmation by telephone before 10.00 am, while the departure must take place within, and not later than 9.30 am. In case of delay, the customer must be informed by telephone at the numbers listed above. For arrivals or departures outside the scheduled time you can make an explicit request to the manager.

The customer will be welcomed by the staff of the Directorate that will welcome you, he hands over the keys of the house and show rooms, services and areas reserved to him. The units will be delivered clean and in perfect order.

On arrival, the customer is required to present a document of identity of all persons for which the booking was made, in order to allow it to register with the relevant authorities.

This might result in not requiring the return of the deposit.

And ‘forbidden to stay in the house a number of people more than the maximum allowed, except for children up to three years, provided that the tourist has the bed with its linen or made an advance request from the moment of booking.

The owner reserves the right of entry to the property to carry out essential maintenance.



No refund to those who were to cancel the booking, to those who are not present at the beginning of the stay, to those who renounce stay started, who delays the start of the holiday and who interrupts your stay.

Change bookings

To change requests to existing bookings, which involve the change of the holiday period and / or accommodation, the Department will seek to achieve such arrangement amicably and by mutual agreement, and in any case within the limits of availability of housing and comprehensive our discretion.If it is impossible to change the request will be considered VOID and regulated by the cancellation charges above.

Supervening unavailability of accommodation

If force majeure prevented to provide clients the booked accommodation, ‘s Farm “Ca’ Roer” reserves the right to assign another similar property in the same or higher price, or in extreme cases, to cancel the reservation and refund the amount paid to the tourist without the latter being further claims for damages of any kind.

The acceptance of the new house extinguishes all rights to any refunds or solicitations of any kind.

Information – Standards of Living

No responsibility lies with the owner of the house for any damage should occur to persons or their property during the course of stay (injury, theft, or loss of personal property, etc..).

The receipt for the payment of the deposit (if any) must be stored and delivered at the end of the stay;

Do not leave taps running to prevent sudden emptying of the tanks and therefore damage to the autoclave, it is forbidden to use running water to wash the car;

Do not soil walls and mattresses;

Avoid placing water in diapers, sanitary napkins or other type of paper other than the toilet to avoid clogging and damage;

In the presence of animals (allowed only small ones or sociable with humans) is forbidden them up on a bed, chairs, armchairs or sofas;

The apartment is equipped with counter ENEL low power, not simultaneously turn on water heater, hair dryer, electric heaters or other;

Waste must be properly placed in the special containers perfectly sealed and in strict accordance with the type of materials to differentiate, to pay a penalty of € 10 per person which will be deducted from the deposit;

Report any shortages or damages found at the beginning of the stay;

Obligation to return the apartment with a minimum of cleaning, especially it is recommended to leave the kitchen clean;

At the end of stay, it is recommended not to leave dishes to wash and / or dirty stove;

The beds must be disposed of;

The apartment may not be occupied by a number greater than that stated at the time of booking;

Do not disturb neighbors with noise or rowdiness from 15 to 17 hours and from 24 onwards.

Refusal or withdrawal of the customer

You may be refused entry to the client, in the accommodation, in the following cases:


– Lack documents;

– Discordance between what is declared and documents provided


If during your stay you should experience a substitution or addition of any person (without notice) may be required the immediate removal.

The customer may also be removed during their stay behaves contrary to the most elementary rules of civil education.

The immediate removal will result in loss of digits from the customer already paid, without prejudice to further claims for damages.


Clients must vacate the accommodation between the hours of 07.00 and 9.30 to allow the reorganization to be available before the arrival of new tourists.

And ‘provided, however, a cursory cleaning by the customer with particular reference to the kitchen, to pay a penalty of € 10 per person which will be deducted from the deposit.

This deposit will be returned upon departure, after deduction of the amount equal to any damage caused to housing.

The client is in any way responsible for any damage caused to the house, more than the amount of the security deposit.

Not provided for departures outside of established and if we can not verify the condition of the house, the deposit will be returned by mail (less any possible damage and expenses) after the inspection.




Agriturismo Ca’ Roer‎
Via Vallorgana, 1
31020 San Zenone degli Ezzelini Treviso
cell: +39 338 602 6781