Agriturismo Immerso nel verde in un parco privato di quattro ettari.


Distances to major towns
: Treviso Km 42 | Vicenza Km 45 | Padova Km 50 | Venezia Km 65 | Verona Km 85


Asolo | Km 5


Asolo is a perfectly conserved and stunning medieval hill-top town very close to the Agriturismo.

People have been coming to Asolo from all over Europe since the XVIII century in order to admire its incredible beauty.

Tourist Office: +39 0432 52904


Bassano del Grappa | Km 10


Bassano is a roman walled town which was developed on the river Brenta.

It is famous for its wooden bridge designed and built by the famous architect Andrea Palladio.

The town hosts numerous cultural events and exhibitions throughout the year.

Tourist Office: +39 0424 524351


Possagno | Km 10


Possagno was home to the famous sculptor Antonio Canova. In Possagno you can admire the house of the sculptor with many of his works and a beautiful neo-classical church.


Marostica | Km 16


Marostica was originally a Roman hill-top fortress and it is unique for it’s incredible defensive wall and archtitecture. In fact the wall that surrounds the town runs up the whole length of the hill where it serves to connect a castle at the top and another at the bottom. Marostica is also famous for a very special chess game which is played once a year on the main square where the chess pieces are acted by real people.

Tourist Office:+39 0424 72127


Castelfranco Veneto | Km 20


Castelfranco Veneto was built around the XII century by the city of Treviso to protect its own territory. The town is famous as the home of the great XV century painter Giorgione, whose works can still be admired throughout the city.


Giorgione House: +39 0423491240

Tourist Office: +39 0423495000

Cittadella | Km 22


Cittadella was built in 1220 by the city of Padua to protect its territory from the barbaric invasions. The town is completely surrounded by a defensive wall in perfect condition, in fact you can still admire the 32 original towers and the 4 town gates.

Tourist Office: +39 0499359014


Feltre | Km 47


Feltre is originally a Roman town and is famous for its annual medieval games. The town center is rich with Renaissance palaces and squares


Dolomiti | Km 120


The Dolomite mountain chain is about one hour and a half from the Agriturismo and is an amazing year-round resource

for sports and trips.


Ville Venete


A few kilometres away from the house are two of the most famous and magnificent villas by Andrea Palladio:

  • Villa Barbaro a Maser (8km), with frescoes by Paolo Veronese
  • Unknown-4
  • Villa Emo a Fanzolo di Vedelago (8km), with frescoes by Gian Battista Zelotti.
  • Unknown-5